About Us

On 18th July 2011 “Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group NZ” was registered as a chartable entity under the Charities Act (2005). Registration No CC47054.

Board of Trustees

  • Mrs M Marshall (Diversional Therapist)
  • Mr Keith Brown (Business owner and International Show Dog Judge)
  • Mrs A Pitcher (Retired Nurse)

Mission Statement

The mission statement for the PF Support Group is to provide a sympathetic environment for supporting people and their families/carers throughout the course of their disease.

Our Goals

  • Provide an informative website,
  • Produce a pamphlet and a patient’s handbook,
  • Promote disease awareness in the community,
  • Lobby for more research into the disease,
  • Lobby for drug trials,
  • Establish funds to provide financial assistance for small scholarships for medical trainees.